I grandi liutisti Milanesi del Cinquecento
Great Milanese Lutenists of the Sixteenth Century

Joachim Held, Lute

Release Date: 1996
Label: Symphonia
ASIN: SY95144

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Francesco da Milano (F) - Piedro Paolo Borrono (B) - Giovan Paolo Paladino (P)

01. Ricercar [51] (F)
02. Saltarello ditto Rose e Viole (B)
03. Fantasie première (P)
04. Pavana ditta la Milanesa (B)
05. Ricercar [12] (F)
06. Ricercar [1] (F)
07. Ricercar [11] (F)
08. Pavana ditta la malcontenta (B)
09. Fantasie seconde (P)
10. Ancor che col partir (P)
11. Pavana ditta la Paladina (P)
12. Fantasia (B)
13. Pavana ditta la Gombertina (B)
14. Ricercar [5] (F)
15. Ricercar [6] (F)
16. Peschatore che va Cantando (B)
17. Pavana ditta la Desperata (B)
18. Fantasia [64] (F)
19. Fantasia [40] (F)
20. Pavana Nona (B)
21. Fantasia [27] (F)
22. Saltarello ditto Bel Fiore (B)
23. Fantasia [30] (F)
24. Tochata (F)
25. Ricercar [15] (F)
26. Fantasia [32] (F)
27. Fantasia [22] (F)
28. Saltarello ditto la Traditorella (B)
29. Fantasie troysi (P)

Press Reviews

"Joachim Held has a refreshing and virtuosic manner to approach this music, probably comparable to Paul O' Dette's playing. He doesn't indulge in the lute players' caprice to play every harmony with an arpeggio slowing down and putting a veil on the flow of the music. Instead he chooses lively tempi, doesn't consider the word virtuoso as a devil's creation from the 19th century and shapes these master works he is dealing with, consistently and in a transparent way. Being played legato, not staccato, the melodies sound and thereby can be followed through the plait of voices and accompanied on their way by the listener."
Gitarre und Laute, February 1997

"... Joachim Held's playing is a real pleasure to listen to. He brings out the character of each piece, from the fluid improvisatory virtuosy of Francesco's Fantasiasand ricer-cars, to the more formally structured fantasias of Paladino, and the rhythmic vitality and energy of Borrono's dance forms. Throughout this recording Joachim Held makes effective use of tonal and dynamic contrast and shows excellent control of tempo and rubato without ever sounding self - indulgent. In the contrapunctual works he shows an impressive control of the different voices of a composition - demonstrated to particular good effect in Paladino's intabulation of "Anchor che col partire" in which the part writing of the underlying madrigal is never less than crystal clear..."
Lute Society (of England), March 1998

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