Lute Music of the Renaissance
The Schele Manuscript Hamburg, 1619

Joachim Held, Lute

Release Date: 2005
Label: Hänssler Classic

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01. Volte

John Dowland
02. La mia Barbara

Robert Ballard
03. Corante

Giovanni Battista Domenico
04. Bergamasco

Paolo d'Aragon
05. Toccate

06. Courrant der May der May

Alfonso Ferrabosco
07. Ultimi miei Sospiri

08. Corante
09. Corante
Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger
10. Toccata

Jean-Baptiste Besard
11. Praambulum

Charles Bocquet
12. Lamentatio

John Dowland
13. My Lady Riches Galliard
14. Une jeune fillete

Joachim van den Hove
15. Toccata
16. Passagio

Diomedes Cato
17. Dio: Re. mi. fa sol. la

Joachim van den Hove
18. Toccate 1614
19. Pavana lachrimae

CD Kritiken

"The playing of Joachim Held is characterised by a lucid and pronounced shaping of sound. To give transparency to the polyphonic development and the desire to shape the melodies intensively can be felt as the aim of the interpreter. His artistic expression aims more at making the structures of the music audible than a mere virtuosic playing…. The listener is taken along into a period, which is particularly worth being visited from the perspective of plucking instrumental music. The quality of sound positively completes this successful portrait of this part of lute music."
Concertino, February 2006

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