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Press Reviews

"With the partly dissonant 'Toccata cromatica" or the rhythmically varying "Partite sopra la Follia" by Allessandro Piccini, Held shows then how differentiated also the darker and louder sounding theorbo can sound - if the player masters, as he does here, to emotionally shape the work with small retardations and frequent change of colours."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"...the stylised dance suites and partitas of the late Baroque period also sparkle with enjoyment of masterful virtuosic playing and in the slow parts, the sarabandes, Joachim Held impresses with his concentrated composure with which he allows the harmonies to fade out linking them in delicately woven transitions and decorations."

Lindauer Zeitung

"...The word virtuoso fully expresses what Joachim Held is: he is a master of his art..."

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung


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