Delightful Lute-Pleasure
Baroque Lute music from the lands of the Habsburgs

Joachim Held, Lute

Release Date: 2006
Label: Hänssler Classic

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Georg Muffat
Suite in D Minor
01. Passacaglia die Mons. Mouffat

Wolff Jakob Lauffensteiner
Suite in D Major
02. Ouverture
03. Allemande
04. Paysanne
05. Courante
06. Sarabande
07. Bourrée
08. Menuet
09. Adagio
10. Menuet

Johann Jacob Weiss
Suite in G Major
11. Phantasie
12. Allemande
13. Courrente
14. Sarabande
15. Menuette
16. Guige
Esajas Reusner
Suite in D Minor
17. Praeludium
18. Paduana
19. Allemande
20. Courante
21. Sarabande
22. Gigue

Jan Antonin Losy
Suite in F Major
23. Ouverture
24. Allemande
25. Courrente
26. Sarabande
27. Gavotte
28. Menuette
29. Bourrée
30. Guige

Heinrich Ignaz Biber
31. Passagaglia in C Minor

Press Reviews

"... a busy continuo player. Held is therefore an expansive musical imagination: he deploys those distinctive stylistic traits that are the lifeblood of this music with the utmost taste (especially the stile brisée treatment of not only chords but intervals and the subtle inégales) and suggests orchestral colours with ease."
International Record review, April 2006

"The recordings prove the incredible richness and stylistic range of this intimate music. True, one needs to give on to "music coming from silence". The span of expression inside, the corresponding parts, the humour and the melancholy are so close next to each other. To make them visible, without falling into the trap of wrong dramatising, is the all-decisive art of the player. Held manages this with mastery; his dreamlike secureness of playing with the musical time is without comparison. The calm of the beat guaranties the inner dramatisation in its most beautiful way."
Musikforum, March 2006

"Courageous music making, cheerfully interpreted, it is literally a delight to listen to these recordings."
Lauten, February 2006 (Deutsche Lautengesellschaft)

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