Johann Georg Weichenberger

Joachim Held, Lute

Release Date: 07.2022
Label: Hänssler Classic

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Suite G-Dur/ G-Major - Aus: CZ- BM372/A-Gö1 (Praeludium)
01. Praeludium Del Signore Weichenberger
02. Allem(mande)
03. Courante
04. Bourée
05. Sar(a)b.(ande)
06. Minuette en Rondon
07. Guige
Suite G-Moll/ G-Minor - Aus CZ - BM371
08. Pralude de M(onsieu)r Weichenperger
09. Allemanda
10. Courante
11. Menuete
12. Sarabanda
13. Bourèe
14. Rigodon
15. Guige
Suite B-Dur/ Bb-Major - Aus: CZ-BM371
16. Symphonia e Parthia de Weichenperg(er)
17. Allemanda
18. Courante
19. Bourée
20. Aria
21. Menute - Trio
22. Guige
Suite B-Dur/ Bb-Major - Aus CZ - BM372
23. Prelude adagio
24. Courante
25. Rondon
26. Sarabande
27. Menuet - Trio
28. Gigue

CD Information

"Joachim Held has put together a program of four suites by Johann Georg Weichenberger (1676-1740). The little-known Graz composer was not a full-time musician. He was an employee of the Viennese court accountancy. Nevertheless, he is considered an influential lutenist in the Austro-Bohemian region in the early 18th century.
Joachim Held has not only made an unknown repertoire accessible, but he once again lives up to his reputation as one of the best instrumentalists of our time. In his performance we admire the articulatory versatility and very variably executed dynamics. Beyond all elegance, beyond technical refinement, however, his playing captivates with sensitivity, richness of nuances, in short, with a high musicality.

Pizzicato - Remy Franck - 29.07.2022

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