Merry Melancholy
English Lute Music of the 16th Century

Joachim Held, Lute

Release Date: 2010
Label: Hänssler Classic

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01. Almain

Thomas Robinson
02. Go from my window
03. A Gigue
04. A Gigue
05. My Lord Willoughby's welcome home
06. The Spanish pavin

Richard Allison
07. Fantasia
08. Passymeasures Pavan
09. Passymeasures Galliard

John Dowland
10. Preludium
11. Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard
12. Lady Clifton's Spirit
13. Lachrimae
14. Frog Galliard
15. Forlorn hope Fancy

Francis Cutting
16. Mrs. Anne Markham's Pavan
17. Galliard
18. Walsingham
19. Packington's Pound
20. Almain

John Johnson
21. Delight Pavan
22. Delight Galliard
23. Passamezzo Galliard

Philip Rosseter
24. First Galliard for the Countess of Sussex
25. A Fancy

CD Information

"The concept of "melancholy" held a special place in English art of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Rather than being considered depressive mental condition, it was seen as a deeply poetic element of soaring ecstasy with the power to inspire even bigger, even better deeds. It is no surprise that the subject of "melancholy" came to characterize much of the English music for lute, and the inspiration for much complex and colorful music. Joyful dances, contrapuntal fantasies, and pavanes which luxuriate in chromaticism are all to be found here. Only the most beautiful, haunting works were chosen for this recording. Naturally, John Dowland is represented! His "Lachrimae" was a true international HIT in it's day, and Dowland capitalized on its success by providing numerous editions and arrangements. The program also features the work of other, lesser-known masters such as Francis Cutting, John Johnson and many others who brought the English Lute School to its highest development around 1600. Oh, Merry Melancholy!
After having explored the repertoire of France, Italy, Germany and Austria, Joachim Held now presents this CD of English lute music. Throughout these recordings, he has shown not only the diversity which then prevailed in Europe, he also presented his own amazing abilities and stylistic flexibility and mastery of different musical idioms. It shows once again that Joachim Held is one of the best lute players in the world.
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